Board Members

Home Board Members

Fred Leyda

COSY Board

Andrea Allen: Community Representative

Angela Childers: Beaufort Housing Authority

Bill Love: Beaufort County Disabilities & Special Needs Department

Cindy Coburn-Smith: Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Daniel Byrne: Beaufort County Fire Chief Association

Gene Cato: Community Representative

Greggory Gilbert: Beaufort County Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

Lakinsha Swinton: Beaufort County School District

Lois Richter: Beaufort County Department of Social Services

Mandy Parsons: Interim CEO, United Way of the Lowcountry

Monica Spells: Beaufort County Community Services

Nykki Bryan: Beaufort County Department of Juvenile Justice

Steve Donaldson: Beaufort County Alcohol & Drug Abuse Department

Tricia Gravel: Beaufort County Governor’s Office Guardian Ad Litem


COSY Trust Board Officers

Linda Aspden: Interim President

Sally Leyda: Secretary

Roni Preziosi: Treasurer